Marketing Team


Social Media Assistant: Regina Beckles

23 | Arkansas | Graphic Designer

Instagram: @rbecklesdesigns

I wanted to join the BAGBlog team because I love a group that uplifts each other, especially since our race seems to be put down. I believe that motivating each other builds confidence. The encouragement from people other than family is very helpful. Whether its constructive criticism, or just a plain “You did a great job!”, helps the artist! & I believe this group will do just that!

Art comes in many forms (fashion, baking, poetry, etc.) & I absolutely LOVE seeing different artist’s creations/works, as well as sharing their work so others can see them too. Not everyone is blessed with a huge support system, so why not get that support with BAG as well as give the support that someone may need for that extra push to be well on their way to success! ❤